Roof Shingles Repair

Roof Shingles Repair Bethlehem GAIf you own a home with a shingled roof, then there are many weather-related and other events that can cause you to need roof shingles repair. It does not matter that roofing shingles are now being made more durable than ever before because there is no harsher environment for any type of building material than being placed upon your roof. The best way to avoid having shingle problems is to be aware of the conditions that can cause them to fall off or lead them to deteriorate much faster than they should.

When You Need to Call for Roof Shingles Repair

What are some of the most harmful situations for shingled roofs? That’s exactly what you will find out by reading on further.

Weather-Related Events

By far the main reason that homeowners like you have to call a roofer to come to repair your shingles is the direct result of severe weather events. Here are some harsher types of weather that may cause you to pick up the phone and ask your local roofer to come to do a shingle repair for you:

  • Wind
  • Ice
  • Heavy snow loads
  • Hail
  • Abundant sunlight

Although there is no way you can avoid Mother Nature impacting your roof, doing proactive roof shingles repair after severe weather events is a must. This will help keep your roof weathertight and also help extend the useful life of the shingles that cover it.

Improper Roof and Attic Ventilation

One of the most overlooked aspects of shingle longevity is roof and attic ventilation. That’s why quality roofing companies will take a good look at whatever roof and attic venting are in place before proceeding with any whole roof replacement work. How do these two conditions impact shingle longevity? It’s because when attics heat up during the day, it also causes the wood sheathing, insulating underlayment, and your shingles to heat up at the same time. It’s these constant heat expansion and contraction cycles that lead to premature shingle replacement.


No roofing material lasts forever and shingles are no exception. Eventually, all of the many months of being exposed to harsh weather and sunlight will really start to show. This includes areas of shingle that have started to dry rot or have become much lighter or darker in color than they were originally. Another sign of aging shingles is repeatedly finding large amounts of shingle debris at the end of the downspouts that help shed water off of your roof. In this case, a roof shingles repair will not cut it and you will need an entirely new layer of shingles put down.

Poor Installation

Like any other service profession, most roofers are knowledgeable and dependable as far as what they do but not all. Poor workmanship can and does take away from the structural integrity of shingled roofs all across America each year. Signs of this include regularly losing pieces of shingle in different areas of your roof and leaks forming in many different places too. Unfortunately, unless you have some sort of guarantee from the roofer that did the work, you will probably end up paying to have another roof replacement job.  

Roof Shingles Repair in Bethlehem, GA

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