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Roof Replacement Estimate BethlehemIf your roof is aging and you are seeing your roof repair person more than you see your kids, it may be time for you to get a roof replacement estimate. At the very least, it will tell you what you can expect to pay for a whole roof replacement, and then you can start to budget for it. These estimates are usually written after a thorough roof inspection for which there is little or no charge. So, there is very little risk to getting one done and it will let you know just how serious your roof’s state of disrepair is.

You also have to keep in mind that when you need a roof replacement, your roof may be leaking and have a problem that can severely impact your home’s structure and the contents inside of it. Let’s talk a little bit more about what a roof replacement estimate entails and why replacing an aging roof is never a bad idea.

Points Covered in a Roof Replacement Estimate

Professional roofing companies never write up a roof replacement estimate without first climbing up on a roof and inspecting it. This is done so they can take measurements of the roof for estimating supplies and to check for hidden problems with your roof’s structure.

Among the structural problems that are looked for include weak spots in your roof’s sheathing and checking your soffits for signs of rotting. You must also note this is not an easy type of inspection to do when shingle or another type of roofing material is covering a roof.

Sometimes roof structural problems simply are undetectable until after the shingles or alternative roof covering come off. So, don’t be upset with your roofing contractor if once they have the roof covering off, they find a structural problem that will add to your roof replacement estimate.

Here are the main points that are covered in a roof inspection that is performed to accurately write up a roof replacement estimate.

  1. Measure the entire roof (to help estimate material costs)
  2. Inspect for structural problems
  3. Look for roof trouble spots that may need extra attention during the roof replacement process
  4. Inspect chimneys and roof vents to decide how to best seal them during the reroofing work
  5. Address the need for attic vents to be installed
  6. Used to develop a game plan for the old roof covering removal and upcoming roof replacement

Why Replacing Your Roof Is Never A Bad Idea?

If you have received a roof replacement estimate from a contractor and are contemplating whether or not to get it done, here are some things to consider that might get you to lean toward doing it. The first is that a roof replacement will add value to your home.

A roof’s condition is so critical to a home’s value that a home buyer will always have a roof inspection done before finalizing a home purchase. In sticking with the home selling theme, having a new roof will also make your home more attractive to buyers if you go to sell it. You can also never underestimate the peace of mind that you will get knowing that you have a roof over your head that is in sound condition and completely watertight.

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