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Roof Cleaning Tips Monroe

Roof Cleaning Tips MonroeRoof cleaning is certainly a lot of work and can be quite risky too, but it must be done. Especially if trees surround your home or if debris buildup is a serious issue, this must be done at least once every year. 

Ideally, a roofing contractor should be called to clean up your roof. A professional can already check your roof for leaks and damages so they can repair them before becoming worse. However, it is understandable that some homeowners prefer to do this on their own. If you decide to do a DIY job, just make sure you use the right tools, equipment, and you take a lot of care. 

Important Steps for Roof Cleaning

Here’s a quick reminder to wear safety gear, use a stable ladder, wear the right pair of shoes, and have someone act as your spotter. It is best to have someone keep an eye on you because again, this is quite a risky task. 

Check Your Attic

Before you start cleaning up the roof, check the attic first. Look at the ceiling and floor for signs of leaks. If it’s been a while since the last rainfall in your area, check the attic again after you finish cleaning up the roof. You might be able to see some leaks this time that you didn’t see earlier. 

Clean the Gutters

So the water used to clean the rest of the roof can flow easily, make sure you’re cleaning out the gutters first. Check for nests or other animals that might be hiding in the gutters, too! 

Remove Debris

Remove debris such as leaves and branches from the roof. This makes washing the roof so much easier. 

Clean the Roof Carefully

You may use a garden hose or pressure washer if you have one. Wash off all dirt. If you’re using a pressure washer, be extra careful especially if you have a painted roof. 

Do a final physical inspection across your roof as well. Check if any damaged or loose shingles need repair. 

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