Repair or Replace Roof: Helpful Tips to Consider

Repair or Replace Roof Athens GA

Repair or Replace Roof Athens GARepair or replace roof – you are probably debating with yourself right now whether you should call a contractor to repair the damage on your roof or whether you should replace the entire thing. This is one decision many homeowners had to make. It is understandably a concern since roof replacements are more expensive compared to roof repairs. However, there are situations when it has to be done. 

Minor problems such as one or two small holes on the roof can be repaired. Parts of the roof can be replaced if necessary such as damaged gutters or a few broken asphalt shingles. However, larger or widespread damages would also cost a lot of money to repair. These cases prove that roof replacement might just be the more practical choice.

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Whether or not you should repair or replace roof would be a decision you, the homeowner, should make. However, it would be best to consult with a roofer who can give you expert advice. Let them know about your budget of if you prefer repairs only. They will then conduct a site inspection to check out your roof. From there, they will recommend the next best step to follow. 

The Advantages of Roof Replacement 

Some roof damages are just beyond repair so you are left without a choice but to get your roof replaced. Aside from having a brand new roof, there are plenty of advantages of a full roof replacement. Among them are the following: 

New Look

When you get roof replacement service, you can choose to have the same roof type and color or you can go for an entirely different style. This will give you the opportunity to give your home a brand new look. 

Reliable Durability

New roofs, especially those constructed by a reliable and licensed roofing contractor, are naturally more durable than an old roof. You don’t have to worry about any roof problems for many years to come.

Warranty Coverage

Depending on the roof type, you can get decades’ worth of warranty coverage from manufacturers. So that means if there should be any defects on your roof, for as long as it is covered by the warranty terms and conditions, then you won’t have to spend anything for repairs.

An Option for Energy Efficiency

When replacing the roof, you have the chance of making it more energy-efficient. You can choose cooling roofs or even have sun tunnels installed. You can even take this chance to change or add to your home’s insulation since the old roof will be taken off anyway. 

Increased Real Estate Value

Especially if you’re planning to sell your property in the near future and you’re deciding whether to repair or replace roof, we highly recommend a roof replacement. House prices would easily go up when a seller can say that the roof has been newly replaced. The price can go down significantly when the buyer finds out there’s bad damage to the roof. 

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