Reasons for Re-Roofing

reasons for re-roofing bethlehemThere are plenty of reasons for re-roofing. Do you own a house that needs restoration? Do you have a property that you want to rent out? Or are you planning on putting up your house for sale? These are only a few of the many situations that might call for re-roofing. 

Before getting into all the details and processes, you need to access first the overall condition of your house or property. What does it need for improvement? What parts need replacement? Oftentimes, homeowners focus on just the interiors and tend to forget about other important things like the roofs, thinking it is less likely to be damaged. But roof improvement should also be included in the list to check and access when repairing, restoring, or improving a house. 

Re-Roofing Your Home in Bethlehem, GA

For roof improvements, you can either replace or re-roof it. Most homeowners choose the latter when doing renovations. But what is the difference between the two?

Re-roofing is the process of layering new shingles on top of the ones you already have. This is done when your roof is in good shape but just needs several repairs to prevent damages. Roof replacement however is the process done when your entire roof is damaged and needs to be replaced completely. This is more expensive than re-roofing.

For many, re-roofing means repairing the roof. But there is so much to it than that. Re-roofing contributes to the overall appearance of the house and its total value. It is also a huge investment for just about any homeowner.

How will you know when it’s time to do some repairs or it’s time to replace your roof? Stated below are some reasons why you need to get your house re-roofed. 

Common Reasons for Re-Roofing

Storm damage. Strong winds and heavy rain or snow can damage the roof especially when hail is involved. Hail breaks the shingles of the roof by being blown by strong winds. It is also a possibility that tree branches can damage the roof itself because of the storm. When this happens, it is more advisable to replace the roof rather than repair the damaged area.

Roof age. When a house is old, certain repairs should be made because it may not be livable anymore. One part of the house that needs to be replaced with age is the roof. According to some experts, roofs should be replaced between 18-20 years. If not, danger can occur especially if someone is living in it.

Increasing home value. If ever you decide to sell your house one thing that can increase its real state value is getting it a new roof first. If a client is interested a new roof offers them protection and security. 

If daylight is passing through the roof boards. It is important to check your attic so that you can see if your roof needs a replacement. If you can see little rays of light passing through your roof, then you need to replace it already.

Major remodeling. For house renovations, you can replace your house with a new roof too. Old roofing may not go with the new feel of your newly renovated home. That’s why it is important not to skip the re-roofing part of your new home since it can guarantee your safety also. 

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