Most Resilient Roof From Sun

If you’re a resident of Georgia, then you might have wondered what is the most resilient roof from sun? There are a number of factors that determine the answer. Some you can control, and some you can’t. 

Roofs in Georgia last anywhere from 10 years to 25 years, depending on the type of roof and other factors. 

Some roof materials perform much better in the Georgia sun than others. So make sure to do your homework so you know what you are getting based on your preferences and priorities.

So it’s important to make sure that you choose a durable roof material to protect your investment. And to also make sure it is property maintained.

Most Resilient Roof From Sun

Roofing Material and Expected Life

Here are some general guidelines for roofing materials:

  • Asphalt Shingles – 20-30 years (the Georgia sun can reduce this number)
  • High-quality Architectural Shingles – 15-20 years
  • 3-tab Shingles – 10-12 years
  • Tile Roofs – 25 years or more

And many roofing materials will save you money on the front end. But if the life of the roof is reduced by 10 years, then it’s not financially wise.

One of the most durable roofing materials is a tile roof. However, these are substantially more expensive than a shingle roof. 

So really the best decision in most cases is a balance in the middle. You can get a quality asphalt shingle roof that will last 15 to 20+ years. This is a good lifespan for a roof in Georgia. 

Quality Roof Installation

Also important when purchasing a new roof, or replacing an existing roof, is the roofing contractor that you hire. If a roof is not installed with the highest level of quality, it will impact the lifespan. 

And there are many shortcuts that roofers can take to cut cost. So it’s vitally important to make sure you hire a reputable roofer. There are many ways to check this, including reviews and also checking references. 

Make sure to do your due diligence on the front end. It will save you in the long run to spend time doing this homework. And meet with the roofer in person at your home or business. Ask them to walk you through the quality process, and how each phase of the install is controlled and checked.

Roof Warranties

Also make sure to check the warranty on the roof you are being quoted. In most cases, the warranty will be substantially longer than the expected life of the roof. But it’s still important to make sure that you get this in writing, and you confirm with the manufacturer.

Factors that Impact Roof Life

Here are some of the important factors that will directly affect the life of your roof.


Georgia has some very hot weather for 4-5 months each year. This heat can be hard on roofing materials. This is one of the biggest factors that impact roof life and performance. 

The heat can cause your tiles to crack or become loose, so make sure to inspect your roof each year. This is a great time to catch any maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

The sun’s UV rays are inherently damaging to roof materials in Bethlehem, GA. They cause the material itself to heat up, resulting in expansion. And then when the materials cools, it contracts. This expansion and contraction cycle creates wear over time, especially if not properly installed.

Maintenance and Repairs

If you neglect your roof over time, then it increases the chance of expensive repairs. Much like your car, being proactive with maintenance and repairs can save you down the road.

A roof leak that goes unnoticed over months can have a devastating effect on your roof’s life cycle. By doing routine inspections you can catch these problems early before they get out of control.

 Simple Things to Protect Your Roof

Following these simple steps can protect your roof over the years:

  1. Keep your roof protected from falling limbs, or even falling trees. If you have a hazard tree threatening your roof, cut it back to a safe distance
  2. Keep your gutters clear and free from leaves. Water build-up here can be a problem over time.
  3. Make sure your roof is inspected annually by a roofing professional. They can look for leaks, and also loose tiles. And loose tiles can be a serious safety hazard if you slip on a loose tile.
  4. Ensure you have good ventilation in your attic. An accumulation of warm, moist air in your attic space can adversely affect your roof’s condition.

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