How to Stop Roof Leaks

How to Stop Roof Leaks Athens GAIf you are wondering how to stop roof leaks, you are not alone. Many households are dealing with unwanted water leakage from the roof. This is common especially for those with older houses. While roof leaks are common and can be fixed easily, they can be a huge problem during heavy storms at it can cause flooding inside your home when left unnoticed.  

When the roof is leaking while it rains outside, it might help to do some quick repair first to prevent further damage. How then can you stop roof leaks? Here are some simple and quick fixes.

1. Find the source of the leak. It would help to instantly find the source where the leak is coming from. Check your roof surface for holes or cracks and inspect other areas as well. But while you can do a visual inspection, remember that this task is better done by a roofing professional.

2. Put on temporary patching. Some leaks are left unnoticed and can be traced only during days of heavy rain. It would help to stock on an emergency roof patch so when you think things might go out of hand during the next rain, you can patch it first temporarily. A roofing tar might work especially on tile roofs. You can support it with a piece of plywood. Make sure to keep the area dry first before applying However, this task can easily be done if you can trace where the leaks are coming from quickly calling professional help after is recommended.

3. Make a temporary cover. If you don’t have a roofing tar or an emergency patch on hand, you can opt to use a temporary plastic cover to stop the leaks. Polyethylene plastic is a good help especially when catching the amount of water that can go inside your home. Just measure how much plastic you will use to cover the leaking area and attach it to your roof with the help of nails or even woods. The use of plastic is only a quick fix and should not be a permanent solution.

4. Seal the joints. Water leaking from roof joints can easily be noticed and fixed. During the rainy seasons, you may quickly seal the joints with roof sealant or cement just make sure the area is dry and clean first. 

5. Inspect the gutter. The roof gutter plays a big role in protecting your home from outside elements like rainwater. When damaged or installed incorrectly, it can accumulate water during rain and can cause heavy leaking.

Knowing where the leak is coming from is essential to prevent roof leaks. However, it is not always easy to do quick repairs. Know that these tips only offer a temporary fix. What you can do regularly, you can do a visual inspection to see if your roofs are doing good. But how often you should be inspected will depend on many factors like the age of the roof and the climate you have in the area where you live. Seeking the help of a roofing professional is still recommended. 

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Knowing how to stop roof leaks is important, but temporary solutions must be just that – temporary. You should call licensed roofing contractors as soon as possible to help you with roof repairs to stop the leaking permanently and to keep the integrity of your roof’s structure. For Athens roof repairs or if you’re located in Bethlehem, Lawrenceville, Monroe, and surrounding areas. Contact Roofing and Remodeling Plus for assistance. You may reach us at 770-670-4500 for a free quote. 

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