How to Prolong a Roof’s Lifespan

How to Prolong a Roof's Lifespan Athens GA

How to Prolong a Roof's Lifespan Athens GARoofs are very important parts of every home, therefore, learning how to prolong a roof’s lifespan is absolutely necessary for every homeowner. Since roofs are hard to reach and it’s usually dangerous to climb up to the roof area just to clean up or inspect it, it is always best to contact a roofer to help you out. Also, you can minimize the need for maintenance if the roof is built with high-quality and low-maintenance materials. 

Roof lifespans vary depending on the type of material used for your roof and the typical climate in your area year-round. Depending on the material you choose for your roof, it can last between 5 and 100+ years. Costs vary depending on the material too. So that means even if you’re getting a nice roof for cheap now, but if it has to be replaced every few years or so, then it might seem more practical to invest in a roof that will last for decades without a problem. 

Here are some examples of roof materials and their estimated lifespan according to The Spruce

  1. Asphalt Roll: 5-10 years
  2. BUR (Built-Up Roof): 20-30 years
  3. Composite: 15-40 years
  4. Wood Shingle: 25-30 years
  5. Wood Shake: 35-40 years
  6. Standing-Seam Metal: 30-50 years
  7. Clay or Cement: 50-100 years
  8. Slate: 100+ years

Tips for Prolonging a Roof’s Lifespan

How to prolong a roof’s lifespan? Here are some tips you can keep in mind. 

Invest in the Right Kind of Roof

If you should cut costs when building or remodeling a home, think of something else – not your home’s roof. It plays an important role in keeping your family protected from all kinds of weather. 

Contact a Roofer for Regular Roof Maintenance

Maintenance should be done on your roof every two years or less. Don’t wait until a shingle is damaged or you see leaks inside your house coming from the roof. And sun can cause thermals shocks, so make sure to invest in a roof material that is resistant to sun damage.

Call Licensed Roofers for Roof Cleaning

Sure, you can clean your roof with a garden hose or a pressure cleaner if you have access to that, but it’s always better to call a licensed roofer to clean your roof. This way, they can also inspect your roof while cleaning and let you know if there’s a part that must be replaced or fixed before it’s too late. 

Contact Us for Roof Maintenance in Athens, GA

Hopefully, the tips on how to prolong a roof’s lifespan helped you out. If you need help with roof maintenance and replacement, roof repairs, and roof installation in Athens, Bethlehem, Monroe, Loganville, Lawrenceville, and surrounding areas in Georgia, contact Roofing and Remodeling Plus. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced crew who are more than happy to help you prolong the lifespan of your roof with proper maintenance. You may reach us at 770-670-4500 to get a free estimate. 

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