How Often Do I Need a New Roof?

how often do I need a new roof bethlehemOne of the most important structural components of your home is its roof and that may lead to you wondering how often do I need a new roof. This is a great question because once your roof gets old and worn a lot of serious consequences can result if it does not stay watertight.

The only problem determining when it’s time to replace your roof is there are so many factors that go into this. Here are the main factors that contribute to when you will next need a roof replacement:

Roofing Material

When you are trying to figure out how often do I need a new roof, the type of roof covering you have over your home has much to do with that. If you have a home that uses asphalt shingle as its roof material you are going to need a new roof sooner than someone that has ceramic tiles or metal roofing panels. Composite roofing and natural stone roofing tiles will also last much longer than asphalt shingle roof coverings. As a general rule, asphalt shingled covered roofs need to be replaced every 10 – 15 years and other types of roof coverings usually last beyond 15 years if properly maintained. 

Area Weather Conditions

If your home is located on the ocean, it’s a good bet that you will need to have to replace your roof more often than someone who lives further inland. That’s because such environmental conditions as strong winds, corrosive salt spray from the water, and wind-blown heavy rains will reduce the useful life of your roof covering faster than those who have a home in a more protected location. If you live in an area that is subject to snow and ice buildup on your roof, you will also have to replace your roof more often than those who have homes that are not exposed to these weather conditions. 


Age is one of the biggest factors when you are determining how often do I need a new roof. No part of your home takes a bigger beating from the sun and the elements than your roof and this eventually takes a toll on it. Your roofing material will fade and lose its ability to perform its function over time and sealants placed around leak preventive flashing will also eventually wear out. If you live in a neighborhood where all the homes were built at the same time and use the same roofing material, it’s a pretty safe bet that you will need a new roof covering very shortly if you see your neighbors starting to replace their roofs. 

Quality of the Installation/Materials 

Like all types of construction work, the higher quality of the effort that goes into any roofing job will be a major factor as to how long that roof will last. That’s what makes it so important to use a reputable roofing company when getting any type of roof installation or replacement work done. Also, one manufacturer’s shingle may not be as durable and sun-resistant as another’s. The same holds true between all types of different brand roof coverings. The quality of your roofing material definitely has a bearing on when you will need to get your next roof replacement. 

Appearance or Aesthetics

You may not realize it, but one of the most common reasons that people put on a new roof is they are not satisfied with the looks of their current one. Over time, sunlight and weather tend to fade all types of roofing material and this will significantly take away from the looks of your home no matter how good the rest of the exterior of your home and landscape looks. If you do not believe this; walk a short distance away from your home and as you walk back towards it the first part of your home that you will notice is your roof.

How Often Do I Need Roof Replacement? 

How often do I need a new roof? As mentioned above, it depends on several factors. It all boils down to the material used for your roof – it should always be the best quality – and whether your roof was installed properly by professionals! So if you’re in Bethlehem, Monroe, Lawrenceville, Athens, Loganville, and other nearby areas in Georgia, call Roofing and Remodeling Plus. We offer new roof installation, roof replacement, roof repairs, and all other roof services. You may reach us at 770-670-4500 for a free quote. 

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