How Long Should A Roof Last?

how long should a roof lastHow long should a roof last? When you buy or construct a house, you should also be careful about the roofing. Whether you’re living in a bustling city, in the mountains, on a farm, or practically just anywhere, homes are never complete without a long-lasting roof. 

Some roofs require minimum repair and maintenance, while some need frequent mending. The duration of roof repairing can occur between every 15 to 30 years and can survive wind speed of 65 to 70 MPH. It depends on the variety you choose and the material you use. 

Different Types of Roofs and their Lifespans

The following are some of the distinctive types of roofs which homeowners usually go for:

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing is one of the most durable materials that customers choose for their roofing. These are durable for about 30 years and stand firm against any damage. 

Also, these are less prone to repair and maintenance. Its thickness is greater than the other varieties which add to its performance and usage. Also, unlike the other kinds, these rarely wear off. Even if they do, the replacement is easy and economical.

Wood Roofing

Wood roofs are the most aesthetic and common roof types that customers always go for. They are also known as wooden shingles. 

Wood roofing is opted for mostly by contemporary homes. These are easy to maintain and replace. It does not consume much time or resources.

Similarly, you do not need to have professional assistance for its maintenance. It is recommended that wooden roofs should have sustenance for five years. It can be done manually, and quickly, without difficulties.

Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tile roofs are the most primitive types of roofs that people choose at any time. It is one of the varieties which has been available at modest rates, at all times. 

Clay tile roofing stands resistant against harsh weather, fungus, and fire. However, unlike the rest, clay tile roofing needs to have periodic maintenance to prevent damage. These roofs are durable for 30 years and more.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a premium of all types and is a bit expensive too. How often do I need a new roof, you may ask. These metal roofs are good to go for 30 to 50 years without any damage so that’s quite a long time before you may require replacement. 

Also, the maintenance of metal roofing depends upon the quality of the materials you choose. The only disadvantage of this variety is that once these face damage, you need to go for a complete replacement.

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These are some of the popular kinds of roofing that have been available for housing requirements at economical rates. Before you proceed with your purchase, try to have an expert opinion and talk to the specialists. This helps you in making effective decisions and using your resources optimally.

How long should a roof last? It depends on its type and the quality of materials used. If you are in Loganville, Lawrenceville, Bethlehem, Monroe, and surrounding areas in Georgia, then you can rely on Roofing and Remodeling Plus to help build your roof so that it lasts as many years as possible or even beyond. We can give you the assurance that we’re using only the best types of roof materials for our projects. We install new roofs, repair roofs, replace roofs and more. Just call us at 770-670-4500 to get a free quote. 

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