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Roofing and Remodeling Plus is a trusted roofing contractor in Georgia. For all your residential and commercial roofing needs, whether you’re looking for new installations, remodels, and repairs, we are the company to call. 

For many years now, we have served numerous communities across Georgia for different kinds of roofing requirements. We always use the best quality materials and we take pride in our crew of extensively trained staff who are ready to help our customers any time. 

We understand that property owners have different roofing requirements. There are plenty of roof materials and designs to choose from as well. Therefore, we make it a point that a proper inspection is done and expert recommendations are provided before we start a job. 

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At Roofing and Remodeling Plus, we see to it that high-quality, durable, and long-lasting materials are used for each job. The roof of your home protects your family and belongings so it should be durable enough to last many years.

Our team’s workmanship is always exceptional. In Georgia where the sun shines brightly most of the year, it is absolutely necessary to have a roof that offers much-needed shade and shelter for your family. Also, this coastal state is no stranger to strong winds, storms, and hurricanes. This gives you all the more reason to never take for granted the importance of your roof. 

Never settle for mediocre materials and non-professional services when it comes to roofing. Have your well-deserved peace of mind and confidence that the roof of your property is not only beautiful but also has reliable strength by getting your roofing services from the best. Call Roofing and Remodeling Plus for services! 

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We provide all roofing and remodeling needs in numerous Georgia communities including Bethlehem, Monroe, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Athens, and surrounding areas. Our services include roof replacement, roof repair, new construction of residential and commercial roofs.

Schedule your appointment with Georgia’s trusted roofing company. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call us at 770-670-4500 to get a free estimate!

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